About me

Petra Barnhoorn

I was born and brought up in South Africa on a family-owned flower bulb farm. My appreciation for all things botanical started at a young age, growing up with a beautiful garden, and Dutch parents who nurtured my passion for flowers.

After studying horticulture at Stellenbosch University, I moved to the Netherlands and worked in plant breeding for 8 years before moving into photography, still within the plant industry. In my spare time you can find me outdoors cycling, or in a garden with my camera in my hand.


“Petra’s ability to notice the details and beauty in things, together with her extensive knowledge of plants drawn from a background in horticulture, results in images that capture the essence of flowers and the soul of gardens.

What makes Petra unique is the relationships she builds with her clients. For her, understanding her client is key to taking a good image. Petra makes people feel at ease immediately and spends time to fully understand what it is they are hoping to achieve before embarking on the work. It is this combination of her real interest in people, her gentle and observant manner and passion for the work that she does that creates these beautiful photographs.”